Term 4 Dinner and Discussion

Fall into Ruin of the House of God , Cathédral d'Amiens, 1220-1240.

Fall into Ruin of the House of God, Cathédral d'Amiens, 1220-1240.

Throughout the year we've opened up unit 2 on Thursday nights for low key dinner and discussion of the previous Sunday's gospel reading.

Feel free to bring some food to share and we can discuss the weekly gospel readings as we eat together. We've been bringing the Bible stories into dialogue with what is going on in our current affairs, our national story and local communities like the IHH. A key thing has been talking about how the stories relate (or don't relate) to the practical things we are doing from day to day, and how what we're reading might be helpful (or unhelpful) for our work.

Our friend Mark Pierson says, 'Questioning allowed. Questioning aloud allowed.' What this means is it is okay to bring doubts and suspicions as well as faith and belief to the table. It's also okay to talk about how the Bible might be helpful or unhelpful.

7pm Thursday 13 October
7pm Thursday 20 October
7pm Thursday 27 October
7pm Thursday 3 November
7pm Thursday 10 November
7pm Thursday 17 November
7pm Thursday 24 November

If you think you'll come along let us know by emailing us at house@ihh.org.au


In Advent (beginning last November) we're also planning to do some Monday night studies on radicals discipleship. We'll have more details about that as we get closer.