Booking in a Stay

The IHH accepts referrals from Aboriginal Liaison Officers, Social Workers,  and regional / rural health workers.  Just give us a call on 03 9387 7557.

We will generally take a referral for up to a week.  For stays longer than that we can extend the booking on a weekly basis.

Here is the guest booklet that guests receive when they come to stay.

Here is a map of inner-Melbourne hospitals and public transport.  The IHH is just off the map at the top right-hand corner! 


Our Accommodation

We have two rooms, one with a double and single bed, and the other with a bunk bed (double on the bottom). Each referral will have a room to themselves.  We do not ask people who don’t know each other to share a room.



  1. The IHH is a drug and alcohol free space.
  2. If you are able to give us the mobile number of the family, that is very helpful.
  3. The IHH provides a safe, culturally affirming place to stay, food, a cuppa and conversation (or space, if that is what is required). We are not social workers or community welfare workers.  If the guest requires this type of support we ask that the referrer be available to support the guest.
  4. Our aim is that our guests feel at home, safe, a sense of peace and respected.